linky is a work-in-progress command-line tool which can search the internet for movies and TV shows hosted on 1-click hosting websites like OpenLoad (full list of supported hosters coming soon).

linky integrates tightly with JDownloader and can send any URL (or multiple URLs as a comma-separated list) to a JDownloader "device" via the API or to a pyLoad instance.

At the moment, linky uses the Orion API to find links which requires an app key. To acquire an app key, you must sign up for an Orion account and register for an app key via their registration form.


To install linky:

# clone this repository
git clone && cd linky

# install it with pip
pip3 install .

# test that it installed correctly
linky --help



By default, linky looks for ~/.config/linky/linky.conf for configuration. For example, to configure JDownloader, pyLoad, and Orion:

[client jdownloader]
default = true
email = [email protected]
password = foobar123
device_id = 12345678

[client pyload]
hostname = localhost
port = 8000
username = pyload
password = pyload
ssl = false

[indexer orion]
user_key = ABCDEFGHIJ123456
app_key = KLMNOPQRS789012


Sign up for an account and sign in to it on your JDownloader client(s). You can find your client's device ID by clicking on it on the MyJDownloader website and reading the deviceId= URL parameter in your address bar.

Only OpenLoad links are returned at the moment, but there are plans to enable setting different sources in the future.

linky search --hosters openload --indexer orion --media-type movie "White Boy Rick"

IMDB ID search with 10 results

linky search --hosters openload --indexer orion --query-type imdb --media-type movie --results 10 "5519340"

TMDB ID search for 720p only

linky search -w openload -i orion -t tmdb -m movie -q hd1080 -r 6 "424694"

linky push --link "<url>" --downloader jdownloader

linky push --link $(linky search --indexer orion "White Boy Rick") --downloader jdownloader

Checking the status of your downloads

linky status --downloader jdownloader

Planned features

All subcommands:

  • Implement a more convenient way of searching and pushing in the same command
  • Implement taking a comma-separated list of URLs as input
  • Implement the --silence feature to suppress informational log output
  • Implement pyLoad integration
  • Implement human-readable output as a default with --json as an optional alternative (and maybe --pretty-print too)

linky search:

  • Implement a --results option to print the first n URLs returned from Orion API as a comma-separated list
  • Implement a --hosters option to set the 1-click-host source
  • Implement a --query-type option to override the default keyword search, e.g. to search by IMDB/TVDB/TMDB ID.
  • Implement a --quality option to set the preferred video quality to return
  • Implement an --age option to set the maximum number of days since the link was added to the indexer

linky push:

  • Implement a way to print info about pushed links including package ID and file name

linky status:

  • Implement --all option to output a report for everything in your download manager (this is the default now)
  • Implement a main argument to get the status of a specific package/download by file name
  • Implement an --id option to get the status of a package by ID
  • Implement human-readable output to print % completed, total size, download speed, and name


Searches the internet for DDL links and sends them to your favourite download manager

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