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According to this issue #1 Instaloader is already doing what this library does so why reinvent the wheel while it exists also I'm so sorry about wasting your time using this library instead of Instaloader it is much better than IGQL. @ogencoglu actually created issue about it but I think when I checked the source of Instaloader I accidentally typed something else instead of graphql.

InstagramGraphQL Unofficial API

Unofficial Instagram GraphQL API to collet data without authentication.


  • Search for people, hashtags and locations
  • Get media data
  • Get hashtag data
  • Get location data
  • Get all comments
  • Get all likes
  • Get specific user posts
  • With sessionid supplied you can get data from private accounts
  • There is a lot of cool data returned by GraphQL. For example accessibility_caption which you can train your image classifier through it
NOTE: This is basically a API to collet data not for uploading or interacting with media. If you want more advanced IG library you should check LevPasha's Instagram-API-python package.

Getting all media of a user

from igql import InstagramGraphQL

igql_api = InstagramGraphQL()

user = igql_api.get_user('instagram')
for media in user.timeline():


Library is avaible on PyPi so just run

pip install igql

To learn more check wiki page.


Unofficial Instagram GraphQL API to collet data without authentication

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