imagecomp is an image optimization or compression library written in Golang that uses pngquant and mozjpeg under the hood. It is useful for optimizing images to conform to the Google PageSpeed Insights suggestion (


imagecomp requires pngquant and mozjpeg to be installed.

On Mac OS X

To install the dependencies using brew do:

brew install pngquant
brew install mozjpeg

On Ubuntu

To install pngquant:

sudo apt-get install pngquant

To install mozjpeg:

git clone
cd mozjpeg
autoreconf -fiv
sudo make install
sudo ln -s /opt/mozjpeg/bin/cjpeg /usr/bin/cjpeg
sudo ln -s /opt/mozjpeg/bin/jpegtran /usr/bin/jpegtran


To install, do:

go get
go install

To optimize images on a given directory do:

imagecomp .

Multiple directories can also be specified:

imagecomp app/assets public/assets

Advanced Options

imagecomp accepts two options -include and -exclude which supports wildcard character *. Use this two options to include and exclude path or images being optimized. All paths are included by default.


imagecomp . -exclude "public/assets/*"

Not the use of quote ", this is mandatory otherwise the command line (i.e. bash) will replace the arguments with real path.

Also, note that order matters. For example:

imagecomp . -exclude "*" -include "*.jpg"

Is not the same as:

imagecomp . -include "*.jpg" -exclude "*"

Which will excludes all images from being compressed, while the former only process .jpg images.


Armin Primadi

This library were developed by the engineering team at Dexcode.


Golang Image Compression Tool

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