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Inferno-apollo example app

This app is a combination of the swapi graphql api, create-inferno-app, inferno-apollo and incompose. To play around with this example start the client as well as the server. If everything works correctly, you should see a list of star wars movies.


git clone [email protected]:zanettin/inferno-apollo-demo.git
cd inferno-apollo-demo
npm install


Totally new to InfernoJS and/or graphQL? Checkout my blog on medium


npm run start:server

this command starts a node/express server on localhost:4000


npm start

this command starts a node server with live reload on localhost:3000


This repo also contains the graphiQL interface to test your queries. Just navigate to localhost:4000 in your browser to find the interface.

Server settings

In server/src/server/main.js you'll find the node/express server. I've defined a tiny timeout to ensure, that you'll see the loading indicator. If you like to remove this timeout, just change the code to:

// POST requests to /graphql should be handled by middleware'/graphql', (req, res) => {
    schema    : swapiSchema,
    graphiql  : false,
  })(req, res);

Contribution / Questions

feel free to contribute or concat me on twitter

Inferno Apollo Demo

Inferno data container for Apollo Client - code example

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