DISCLAIMER: Instagram may have updated their website's structure since the creation of this project, rendering this code error-prone.


Gets analytics from user's Instagram account and output to a .json file.

Setup Instructions

You must have python3 and pip installed (pip is usually automatically installed with newer versions of python)

Install Selenium

Run this in a command window:

sudo pip install -U selenium

Install BeautifulSoup4

Run this in a command window:

sudo pip install beautifulsoup4

Install Chromedriver

Using Node's package manager (https://nodejs.org/) run this in a command window:

npm install chromedriver

OR using HomeBrew (https://brew.sh/):

brew install chromedriver

OR you can download it from https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/chromedriver/
Put the chromedriver.exe into your user/local folder or follow the instructions below to add it into user_config.ini

Add information into user_config.ini

In user_config.ini add your Instagram username, password, and location of chromedriver.exe on your computer if it's not in PATH.

How to run

Once you have added your information into user_config.ini, you can run instagram_analytics.py to run the program.


A command-line based Python program that gets a user's Instagram analytics using Selenium and BeautifulSoup4, so no Instagram API Key is required.

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