Interactive Legend

Interactive Legend is a configurable app template where the core functionality revolves around an interactive filter tool. This configurable app template provides end-users with an experience to filter features on a web map via selectable legend elements.

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8.2 Release Updates

  1. Updated ArcGIS JSAPI to v4.16

  2. Removed usage of dojo declared and TS directives

  3. Supports 'Instant apps' new configuration experience.

  4. Property name updates.


Select from two different filter modes:

  1. Feature Filter: Layer data features that fall within the criteria of the selected legend elements will display on the map view.

  2. Mute: Opacity and gray scale will be applied to layer data features that do not fall within the criteria of the selected legend elements.

    a. Both opacity and gray scale values are configurable

Select from a set of map tools:

  • Home
  • Zoom
  • Layer List
  • Screenshot
  • Basemap Toggle
  • Search
  • Help - panel consisting of preset introductory information
  • Splash
  • Custom Header


  1. Fork and then clone the repo.
  2. Run npm install
  3. Host on local web server.
  4. Open web browser.
  5. Click on dist directory within browser tab.
  6. Test with different web maps.


  • Notepad or your favorite HTML editor
  • Web browser with access to the Internet



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Interactive Legend

Interactive Legend Configurable App Template built with the 4.x ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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