Jest Specific Snapshot

Jest matcher for multiple snapshot files per test

You can read about the implementation here


npm i -D jest-specific-snapshot


const path = require('path');
// extend jest to have 'toMatchSpecificSnapshot' matcher

test('test', () => {
  // provides snapshot file with absolute file
  const pathToSnap = path.resolve(process.cwd(), './example/specific/dir/my.shot');

  //same snapshot but with relative file

  // another snapshot file in the same test

With Custom Serializer

// extend jest to have 'toMatchSpecificSnapshot' matcher
const addSerializer = require('jest-specific-snapshot').addSerializer;

addSerializer(/* Add custom serializer here */);

test('test', () => {
  expect(/* thing that matches the custom serializer */).toMatchSpecificSnapshot(

Extend toMatchSpecificSnapshot

const toMatchSpecificSnapshot = require('jest-specific-snapshot').toMatchSpecificSnapshot;

  toMatchDecoratedSpecificSnapshot(received, snapshotFile) {
    // You can modify received data or create dynamic snapshot path
    const data = doSomeThing(received);
    return, data, snapshotFile);


  1. Snapshot files should have an extension other than .snap, since it conflicts with jest.
  2. In order to handle the --updateSnapshot (-u) parameter provided from CLI, there is an abuse of the SnapshotState._updateSnapshot private field. TBD - try to use the globalConfig to get this state.
  3. .toMatchSpecificSnapshot does ignore a custom serializers strategy. In order to support custom serializers, you should use the addSerializer method explicitly.

Jest Specific Snapshot

Jest matcher for multiple snapshot files per test

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