End To End Tests boilerplate with jest and Puppeteer

This repository is created for end to end tests. We use nvm to install nodejs and then install yarn to install packages

Working with this repository

make setup 
make install # to install the packages

Run all tests in development environment

  • make tests

For running one test

  • ā€ā€make test url=__tests__/login.test.js

Create image from docker file

  • make docker

Run all tests in docker environment

  • make run_tests_docker

Run one test in docker environment

  • make run_test_docker url=tests/login.test.js

Run and see options (several options)

  • yarn jest --help or
  • docker run --name puppeteer --rm -i -t puppeteer yarn jest --help

To check the lint error

  • make lint

To clean to installed packages

  • make clean

Pull requests

This repo will only accept changes via pull request to either the test or the release branches.


This project is a boilerplate to write e2e tests with jest and puppeteer

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