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I build a lot of internal tools for data auditing and workflows, and every few months I end up looking for the best data grid or spreadsheet-like library for JavaScript. Other lists and sites are out of date and unmaintained. My goal here is to make the best list for all data grid and spreadsheet libraries for the top JavaScript frontend frameworks (1, 2). You're welcome to help!


Pull requests are welcome to help keep this project up to date. Please make sure the Vercel build passes successfully, and please make sure all source is formatted with Prettier (there's a git hook that should do it for you anyway).


  1. Create a GitHub Personal Access Token. You don't need to give it any scopes -- it's just to increase the API rate limit.
  2. Make sure you have Node.js version 12.0 or later and the Yarn package manager installed.
  3. Checkout the repo, run yarn install
  4. Run GITHUB_TOKEN=<your token here> yarn dev
  5. Go to http://localhost:3000/ and bask in the wild splendor that is jsgrids

Information on each library is in data/ and is parsed in lib/libraries.ts. Enjoy!



This project is licensed under the MIT license.


📦 🔍 👀   A comparison tool to compare JavaScript data grid and spreadsheet libraries

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