A simple application built to showcase Universal JavaScript with Node.js and React.


A new version of the codebase is available in a dedicated repository: https://github.com/lmammino/judo-heroes-2

The new version includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Updated to Webpack 2, React 15.4, React Router 4 and Express 5
  • Using pure components where possible
  • Better structure of componenents
  • Top down data passing

Be sure to ⬇️ checkout and ⭐️ star the new repository if you are interested in fresher code.

The tutorial

This application was created to support a "Universal Javascript" (aka Isomorphic) tutorial published on Scotch.io:

React on the Server for Beginners: Build a Universal React and Node App

React on the Server for Beginners: Build a Universal React and Node App

Want to know more about Node.js, React and Universal Javascript?

If you want to know more about Universal Javascript and improve your application even more (e.g. by adding Universal Data Retrival using REST APIs) I definitely recommend to read the chapter Universal JavaScript for Web Applications on my book Node.js Design Patterns Second Edition (Packt):

Node.js Design Patterns Second Edition by Mario Casciaro and Luciano Mammino


Everyone is very welcome to contribute to this project. You can contribute just by submitting bugs or suggesting improvements by opening an issue or by sending a pull request.


Licensed under MIT License. © Luciano Mammino.

Judo Heroes

A React application to showcase rendering with Universal JavaScript

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