MMD test for k210

how to

Using latest toolchain(development branch) and standalone sdk to compile and build, and then use to flash.

Makefile is written for PC testing, not for K210

model file name is model.pmd, make sure that texture images must be RGB565 format bmp file.

motion file name is motion.vmd.

All these file are placed in root of your SD card.

test files.

εˆιŸ³γƒŸγ‚―@七葉1052式 Ver20090309(MMD model file) each texture file is converted by using ffmpeg. wavefile (MMD motion file)

convert your texture bmp file to RGB565 format

BMP file must be RGB565 color format, you can convert bmp file by using ffmpeg.

$ ffmpeg -vcodec bmp -i <input>.bmp -vcodec bmp -pix_fmt rgb565 <texturename>.bmp


My source code is distributed under the MIT license. Other file is distributed under each license, see each source code for detail.

performance test result


2450 triangles, window size is 320x240

esp32, dual core, 240MHz(on screen, but it's almost cpu limit, reference only)

22fps, 54ktps(K triangles per seconds; 22*2450=54k)

k210, single core, 400MHz(off screen test)


k210, dual core, 400MHz(off screen)

71fps, 173ktps

k210, dual core, 600MHz(Off screen, overvoltage)

107fps, 262ktps

k210(Onscreen, overvoltage)

100fps, 245ktps

note that performance is also depends on your model's ik bone count.


3D rendering test

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