KadNode finds the IP address of other instances on the Internet or local network. It is used like DNS, but is based on the decentralized BitTorrent network.

KadNode intercepts .p2p domain queries on the systems level and resolves them using a decentralized DHT network. TLS authentication can be used to make sure the correct IP address was found. If successful, the IP address is passed to the application making the request.


  • Support for two kinds of domains:
    1. public key domains as <public-hex-key>.p2p
      • No need to exchange any further keys/certificates
      • Uses secp256r1 ECC key pairs
    2. named domains like yourdomain.com.p2p
      • Needs pre-shared certifcates (self signed root certificates or e.g. "Let's Encrypt")
      • Uses TLS session handshake for authentication
  • IPv4/IPv6 support
  • UPnP/NAT-PMP support
  • Local peer discovery
  • Small size / ~100KB depending on features / ~50KB compressed
  • Command line control program
  • NSS support through /etc/nsswitch.conf
  • DNS server interface and DNS proxy
    • Handles A, AAAA, and SRV requests
  • Packages for ArchLinux/Debian/FreeBSD/MacOSX/OpenWrt/Windows
  • Peer file import/export on startup/shutdown and every 24h
  • Uses sha256 hash method






P2P DNS with content key, crypto key and PKI support. DynDNS alternative.

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