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This is a web tool for Kafka Connect for setting up and managing connectors for multiple connect clusters.

Live Demo


Run standalone with docker

docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 \
           -e "CONNECT_URL=http://connect.distributed.url" \

The CONNECT_URL can be a comma separated array of Connect worker endpoints. E.g: CONNECT_URL=http://connect.1.url,http://connect.2.url"

Additionally you can assign custom names to your Connect clusters by appending a semicolon and the cluster name after the endpoint URL. E.g:

"CONNECT_URL=http://connect.1.url;dev cluster,http://connect.2.url;production cluster"

Web UI will be available at localhost:8000

Build from source

git clone https://github.com/Landoop/kafka-connect-ui.git
cd kafka-connect-ui
npm install -g bower http-server
npm install
http-server -p 8080 .

Web UI will be available at localhost:8080

Nginx config

If you use nginx to serve this ui, let angular manage routing with

    location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.html =404;
        root /folder-with-kafka-connect-ui/;

Setup connect clusters

Use multiple Kafka Connect clusters in env.js :

var clusters = [
     NAME:"prod", //unique name is required
     KAFKA_CONNECT: "http://kafka-connect.prod.url", //required
     KAFKA_TOPICS_UI: "http://kafka-topics-ui.url", //optional
     KAFKA_TOPICS_UI_ENABLED: true //optional
     COLOR: "#141414" //optional
     KAFKA_CONNECT: "http://kafka-connect.dev.url",
     KAFKA_CONNECT: "http://kafka-connect.local.url",
  • Use KAFKA_TOPICS_UI and KAFKA_TOPICS_UI_ENABLED to navigate to the relevant topic when you have kafka-topics-ui installed.
  • Use COLOR to set different header colors for each set up cluster.

Supported Connectors

For our 25+ stream-reactor Kafka Connectors we have a template of metadata within the supported-connectors.js. In any case you will be shown all the existing connectors in your classpath with all the required fields to set them up.




The project is licensed under the BSL license.

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