kCalDAV is a simple, safe, and minimal CalDAV server depending only on kcgi(3), SQLite, and expat(3). The ISO C source code is ISC licensed. For the time being, it works only for simple setups, for example, a calendar collection shared between Mozilla Lightning, Mac OS X iCal, and iOS (iPhone) clients. It compiles and runs on OpenBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X. However, OpenBSD is the only system for which kCalDAV has deeper security integration (via pledge(2)).

See the Makefile for examples.

This is the README file for display with GitHub, which hosts a read-only source repository of the project. To keep up to date with the current stable release of kCalDAV, visit the kCalDAV website. You can still submit bug reports here, however.


Installing kCalDAV requires a bit of elbow grease. Please read the instructions on the kCalDAV website for details.


All sources use the ISC (like OpenBSD) license. See the file for details.


a simple, safe, and minimal CalDAV server

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