This is an example of building an out-of-tree kernel module using module headers provided for balena devices.

Make sure you change to the desired balenaOS version in the Dockerfile.template and commit the change before you start building this project.


usage: [build|list] [options]

  list: list available devices and versions.
  build: build kernel module for specified device and OS versions.

build options:
  --device="$device"    Balena machine name.
  --os-version="$os-version"   Space separated list of OS versions.
  --src="$src"     Where to find kernel module source.
  --dest-dir="$dest-dir"     Destination directory, defaults to "output".

  ./ list
  ./ build --device intel-nuc --os-version '' --src example_module

Kernel Module Build

Example project for building an OOT kernel module in balena

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