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A multiplayer FPS game that I made with friends during college (2015) using LWJGL. It is distributed under the GNU GPL v3.

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System requirements:

  • Java 1.7 (JRE and JDK).
  • The latest version of LWJGL version 2 (not version 3). LWJGL 2.9.3 is included.
  • Your computer must support OpenGL.

How to run on Linux

Install the latest Java from Oracle's website. Go in the KillBox master directory (which has GridLevelMaker and license.txt), then in the "KillBox" directory. Copy the files from the "src" directory into the current directory.

Compile using:

javac *.java -cp res/lwjgl.jar:res/lwjgl_util.jar

Launch the game using:

java -cp res/lwjgl.jar:res/lwjgl_util.jar:. -Djava.library.path="./res" Game

Alternatively, use the script that's located in the res folder.

Run on Windows

  1. Go to your "KillBox" directory which contains "res" and "src".
  2. Copy the files from "src" into the current directory.
  3. Copy the files (not the folders) from the "res" directory into the current directory.
  4. Run the batch file named "compile-and-run.bat".
  5. If it doesn't work, make sure that "java" and "javac" are in your PATH, then try step 4 again.


KillBox running on Ubuntu MATE (map: Citadel)


KillBox running on Windows 7 (map: Demo)


KillBox running on Ubuntu (map: Houses)


KillBox running on Debian (map: Manor)



Multiplayer 3D FPS written in Java

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