This is my implementation of KillingFusion. What works well:-

  • Full GUI to view displacement field, current RGBD frame and SDF's mesh using Marching Cubes.
  • Data Energy Term - Video
  • Data Energy and Motion Regularizer Term - Video
  • LevelSet Energy Term

What needs work:-

  • Implement Rigid Registration. This is must, since number of iterations becomes very high with slightest displacement of object from its initial position and the data term of a voxel gets not gradient if voxel ends up too away from canonical SDF voxels.
  • Balancing of Rigidity constraint energy with Data and Motion Regularizer term. Some notes on this issue are here


Fix path to compile FreeImage library in CmakeLists.txt and then run CMake.


  • Move all code to CUDA.
  • Fix CMakeList - FreeImage library hard coded path
  • Cleanup of the documentation


KillingFusion Implementation

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