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Created to help me for the commission to my staff and to keep track of the products, sales and some other things. This is an invoice system based on laravel 5.4 using mysql. im trying not to make it scroll side by side or scrolling right or left cos im not using "table" for the invoice part i.e adding or removing invoice item. the invoice page was running perfectly according to me.. :D


  • Print invoices
  • Graphs
  • Customers list
  • Invoices manament
  • Product manament


Current Laravel version suported 5.8

  • 1 Import the lastest DB version from database/versions
  • 2 composer update
  • 3 npm install

Login info.

Username Password Role
dhiauddin 123123 admin
fatihah 123123 staff


I've got a few idea on this partial project such as :

  1. Daily income and expenses for the individual, family or/and organisations (a very simple one that is and easy to operate and understand)

More info.

contact me if u r interested to make something awesome! @kroos

Laravel Invoice

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Laravel Invoice Info

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