This is a simple CMake tutorial project which contains some different scenarios.

  • hello-world: Demo a simplest CMake project.
  • hello-world-clear: Separate the output files and src files.
  • hello-world-lib: Demo how to make a static/shared library.
  • hello-world-shared: Demo how to utilize external static/shared library.
  • curl: Demo how to use cmake with curl.
  • hello-module: Demo how to use cmake find module.
  • config-file: Demo how to work with config.h.
  • hunter-simple: Demo how to use hunter and gtest.
  • boost: Demo how to use boost library.

Build steps

  • cmake -H. -B_builds
  • cmake --build _builds

CMake based tools

  • hunter: CMake-driven cross-platform package manager for C++.
  • CLion: CMake based IDE.

Nice CMake Resources

Learning Cmake

learning cmake

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