Legion TD: Reborn

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Legion TD: Reborn is a DotA 2 custom game mode inspired by Legion TD by Lisk for Warcraft 3. Your towers are your legion, defend waves and keep your king longer alive than the enemy.

This game currently features:

  • 6 builders
  • 100+ towers
  • 31+ waves
  • 24 shop units


This project is a leisure time project of me, so maintainance depends on my time.

This game is not affiliated to the original Legion TD or Legion TD 2 in any way.

Legiontd Reborn

A custom game mode inspired by Legion TD for DotA 2

Legiontd Reborn Info

⭐ Stars 29
🔗 Source Code github.com
🕒 Last Update a year ago
🕒 Created 5 years ago
🐞 Open Issues 0
➗ Star-Issue Ratio Infinity
😎 Author n-gao