LikeChain is a blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK.


  • At least 20 GB disk space
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose


Run ./scripts/

Running testnet node as a validator

  1. Initialize keys by running ./scripts/ [moniker] [path-to-genesis.json] [persistent-node], where moniker is the custom identifier of your node, path-to-genesis.json is the path to genesis.json, and persistent-node is the node ID and IP address of the test node.

Example: ./scripts/ chung ~/Downloads/genesis-likechain-cosmos-testnet-1.json '[email protected]:26656'

  1. After step 1, a Cosmos address for the validator will be initialized. Send the address to us and we will send some token into the account for staking.

  2. Start the node by running docker-compose up -d. Note that the node is still not a validator, you need to stake the token after receiving it from us for becoming a validator.

  3. After receiving tokens, you can stake them by running ./scripts/


  • Setup or reset the one node local testnet by running ./dev/
  • Use the docker-compose.yml in dev to run a local server with light client.
  • When code is updated and go.mod and go.sum are not updated, you can use ./docker/app/ to quickly rebuild the image.

Likecoin Chain

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