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Linux Show Player (LiSP) - Sound player designed for stage productions

Every component on which LiSP relies (python3, GStreamer and Qt5) is multi-platform, but the program is currently tested and developed only for GNU/Linux.

No special hardware is required to run LiSP, but some processing operations would surely take benefit from a recent CPU.

For bugs/requests an issue can be open on the GitHub issues-tracker, for everything else gitter can be used.



You can download an AppImage bundle of LiSP from the release page, once downloaded make the file executable. Now you should be able to run LiSP by double-clicking the file.

Distro Repository

Packaging status


Otherwise follow the instructions on the wiki to install it manually


Use the installed launcher from the menu (for the package installation), or

$ linux-show-player                                  # Launch the program
$ linux-show-player -l [debug/warning/info]          # Launch with different log options
$ linux-show-player -f <file/path>                   # Open a saved session
$ linux-show-player --locale <locale>                # Launch using the given locale

User documentation downloaded under the GitHub release page or viewed online

Linux Show Player

Linux Show Player - Cue player designed for stage productions

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