Lisk SDK examples

This project contains example blockchain applications using the latest Lisk SDK. Each example project represents an industry use case in which we showcase the potential of the Lisk SDK and how it can transform this industry.

Currently, we have two projects ready:

  • Hello world (beginner example)
  • Lisk Transport (Supply chain industry use case)

All industry use cases will be kept up to date with the latest Lisk SDK release. Also, you'll find an /archive folder that contains older examples referring to previous Lisk SDK releases. At the moment, the /archive folder contains examples for Lisk SDK version 2.x.

Supply chain: Lisk Transport

Originally, the Lisk Transport workshop has been designed for the Lisk.js 2019 event. The project represents a flow where a carrier can sign up to pick up a packet and deliver it to the right person in a decentralized way. A custom transaction helps with locking the fee for the drive and a warranty in case the package gets damaged or lost. During the whole transport cycle, the packet is tracked and it can fire alarms that get saved on the blockchain.

In addition, anyone can become a carrier. For example, you can pick up a packet that has its destination on your daily commute and earn a small reward for this.

Hello World

A hello world application of the Lisk SDK. Guides through the basic flow of using Lisk SDK. By creating a new custom transaction with no practical use case, you can get an idea of why and how to implement the required methods of the custom transaction interface.

Lisk Sdk Examples

🔩 Example proof of concept blockchain applications built using the Lisk software development kit

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