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A desktop e-book reader for language learners, which facilitates learning from reading by providing machine translations (DeepL, Google) as well as human-translated example sentences (Tatoeba, Reverso Context).

Supports Linux, macOS and Windows.

Current release is available to download on the webiste.

Note: This is BETA software, and as such is largely untested and may contain bugs.


  • Epub and plain text support
  • Over 100 supported languages*
  • Machine translations from DeepL and Google
  • Human-translated example sentences from Tatoeba and Reverso Context
  • Highly customizable reader interface
* Most of language configurations have not yet been tested and may not work as intended.


  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Change to project root directory: cd lisons
  3. Install dependencies: yarn install
  4. Build: yarn build:prod
  5. Create distributable packages for selected platforms: yarn dist:<platform> (where <platform> = linux | macos | windows)*

* Might require additional tools. Please consult electron-builder documentation.




Desktop e-book reader for language learners.

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