An eBook reader built on Electron

Livre is a minimal eBook reader. Currently, it only support .epub formatted eBooks.


Livre is still in development. When it's done, binaries for Windows, Linux, and MacOS will be available; currently, you'll have to download the source and build it yourself.


  • Minimalistic interface
  • Remembers the last page you read in every eBook
  • Remembers recently opened eBooks for easy access
  • Table of contents with links
  • Back and forward functionality
  • Full text search

Installation and Usage

$ git clone
$ cd livre
$ npm install
$ # To start the Electron process locally:
$ npm start
$ # Or to build a binary for your platform in ./out:
$ npm run package

The compiled binary or the start script can be passed a path to a valid .epub file; if no file is passed than the app will open to the start screen and books can be opened from within the app.

The build process has been tested on Linux but not Windows or macOS. If you run into problems, please submit an issue.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Note: macOS uses cmd instead of ctrl.

ctrl+o: Open an eBook

right arrow: Next page

left arrow: Previous page

alt+left arrow: Back

alt+right arrow: Forward

ctrl+t: Open table of contents

escape: Close sidebar

ctrl+f: Find in eBook

ctrl+=: Increase text size

ctrl+-: Decrease text size

ctrl+0: Restore default text size

ctrl+q: Quit

ctrl+shift+i: Toggle Chrome developer tools


An eBook reader built with Electron

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