Local E-Hentai Gallery Index (with ~830k galleries' metadata)



  • Search multiple tags, in like mode / exact mode
  • Local thumbnails cache
  • Export search results as csv / json
  • Expunged / min-rating filter
  • (Filename / URL based) local files filter, with auto discover



  • Go >= 1.12


Build package cmd/local-ehentai:

go build ./cmd/local-ehentai

Set your workdir to web when running


Quick Start

  1. Download gdata.json from Mega, shared by Sachia Lanlus.
  2. Download & unzip local-ehentai.win.zip (Releases)
  3. Put gdata.json in the same directory with local-ehentai.exe
  4. Run local-ehentai.exe
  5. Open


Comma-separated tag:value pair

tag1:exact value1$, tag2:like value2 [, tag3:value3, value4, ...]

If the tag is omitted, all tags will be searched.
If the value ends with $, an exact match will be performed.

Valid Tags

  • category
  • uploader
  • parody
  • character
  • artist
  • group
  • female
  • male
  • language
  • misc
  • gid (exact match)


artist:toyo$, female: swim
Will match
(artist is toyo) AND (female contains swim)

Local Files Filter

Filename Based

Auto Discover

  1. Put your archive files under files directory (or sub directory)
  2. Restart local-ehentai.exe
  1. Modify file filesMap.txt in the same directory with local-ehentai.exe
  2. Syntax: filename/gallery_id, eg: abcd.zip/1234
  3. Restart local-ehentai.exe

URL Based

  1. Modify file existUrls.txt in the same directory with local-ehentai.exe
  2. Restart local-ehentai.exe

Enable Local Thumbnails Cache

If you have downloaded thumbnails form this torrent, you can use local thumbs cache without connecting to eght.org

  1. Unzip thumbs_raw.7z, rename the directory to thumbs
  2. Put thumbs directory in the same directory with local-ehentai.exe, then restart it



Local Ehentai

Local E-Hentai / ExHentai Gallery Index + File Auto Discover (with ~830k exhentai metadata)

Local Ehentai Info

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