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The logs-cloudwatch command-line tool provides an easy way to send AWS CloudWatch Logs to Apex Logs.


$ curl -sf | sh


Command usage:


       --version      Displays the program version string.
    -h --help         Displays help with available flag, subcommand, and positional value parameters.
       --project-id   Apex Logs destination project ID
       --auth-token   Apex Logs authentication token
       --endpoint     Apex Logs integration endpoint URL
       --region       AWS region id
       --stack-name   AWS CloudFormation stack name (default: ApexLogs)
       --exclude      AWS CloudWatch log group filters
       --include      AWS CloudWatch log group filters
       --confirm      Confirm creation of the stack (default: false)
       --template     Output the template and exit


Provide your Apex Logs destination project ID, API endpoint (with /integrations/cloudwatch as the path), and API token to provide AWS write-access to your logs. For help creating an API token visit the Apex Logs documentation.

logs-cloudwatch \
  --project-id <project-id> \
  --endpoint https://<endpoint>/integrations/cloudwatch \
  --auth-token <api-token> \
  --include /aws/lambda/ \
  --region us-west-2

Omitting the --confirm flag will output a preview of the matching log groups:

==> Finding log groups
==> Found 4 matching log groups:


==> Run command again with --confirm to create the stack

Tweak your --include and --exclude filters as necessary to get the log groups you want, then add the --confirm flag to generate the stack.


Running logs-cloudwatch without --include or --exclude flags will subscribe to all log groups. The filter patterns are simply sub-string matches, for example get_ would match /aws/lambda/get_team_members, and API would match API-Gateway-Execution-Logs_g2sdfdwn5rkc6/production.


Send all logs:

$ logs-cloudwatch

Include only AWS Lambda logs, matching groups such as /aws/lambda/get_team_members:

$ logs-cloudwatch --include /aws/lambda/

Include only AWS Lambda logs, matching groups such as /aws/lambda/get_team_members, but excluding a few.

$ logs-cloudwatch --include /aws/lambda/ --exclude /aws/lambda/api,/aws/lambda/app

Exclude RDS and API Gateway logs:

$ logs-cloudwatch --exclude API-Gateway,RDS

Logs Cloudwatch

Send your AWS CloudWatch Logs to Apex Logs.

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