Logstash Input for CloudWatch Logs

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Stream events from CloudWatch Logs.


Specify an individual log group or array of groups, and this plugin will scan all log streams in that group, and pull in any new log events.

Optionally, you may set the log_group_prefix parameter to true which will scan for all log groups matching the specified prefix(s) and ingest all logs available in all of the matching groups.



Parameter Input Type Required Default
log_group string or Array of strings Yes
log_group_prefix boolean No false
start_position beginning, end, or an Integer No beginning
sincedb_path string No $HOME/.sincedb*
interval number No 60
aws_credentials_file string No
access_key_id string No
secret_access_key string No
session_token string No
region string No us-east-1
codec string No plain


The start_position setting allows you to specify where to begin processing a newly encountered log group on plugin boot. Whether the group is 'new' is determined by whether or not the log group has a previously existing entry in the sincedb file.

Valid options for start_position are:

  • beginning - Reads from the beginning of the group (default)
  • end - Sets the sincedb to now, and reads any new messages going forward
  • Integer - Number of seconds in the past to begin reading at

Logstash Default config params

Other standard logstash parameters are available such as:

  • add_field
  • type
  • tags


input {
    cloudwatch_logs {
        log_group => [ "/aws/lambda/my-lambda" ]
        access_key_id => "AKIAXXXXXX" 
        secret_access_key => "SECRET"


The default logstash README which contains development directions and other information has been moved to DEVELOPER.md.


All contributions are welcome: ideas, patches, documentation, bug reports, complaints, and even something you drew up on a napkin.

Programming is not a required skill. Whatever you've seen about open source and maintainers or community members saying "send patches or die" - you will not see that here.

It is more important to the community that you are able to contribute.

For more information about contributing, see the CONTRIBUTING file.

Logstash Input Cloudwatch Logs

Input plugin for Logstash to stream events from CloudWatch Logs

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