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What is this?

Lunchpad is a Macro application that makes use of Novation(tm) Launchpads. However you dont need one to use this application.

You can create a variety of macros, from simple playback of sounds (hello soundboard ppl) on a target audio device, hotkey sequences, launching applications (or python, autohotkey, nodejs scripts) or Text-To-Speech alot of stuff is possible.

Supported Launchpads

  • Launchpad Mini (MK1, MK2 and MK3)
  • Launchpad S
  • Launchpad MK2
  • Launchpad X
  • Launchpad Pro MK2
  • Launchpad Pro MK3


OBS Studio integration through the Websocket-Plugin

  • Switch scenes
  • Toggle sources (Visible / Hidden)
  • Toggle filter (Enabled / Disabled)
  • Set a sources volume or mute it
  • Start / stop recording, streaming or your replay buffer
  • Save your replay buffer after a cool play

SL:OBS integration is still on the list and will arrive soon


This project was generated using Nx.

To get up and running this is all you need:

npm install -g @nrwl/nx
npm install
npm run ./node_modules/.bin/electron-rebuild

Then start the development environment

npm start frontend & npm start application

If you need any assist feel free to join the discord

LICENCE ISC - Tillmann HΓΌbner (@ruohki)


A macro application for Novation Launchpads - easy to use, feature rich

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