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Cross platform build tool for C/C++/Obj-C/C#/CUDA/opencl

Building maiken prerequisites

Linux/BSD: GCC 8.0 (or CLANG equivalent) / git 2.0

Windows : Visual C++ 2019 / Windows SDK 10+ / git 2.0


Binaries available

Latest Windows build @ appveyor

Testers/comments/suggestions/feature requests welcome. Email me or make an issue. Or head on over to /r/mkn

Note: Older compilers may be used by maiken


Automatically acquired by git in Makefile/make.bat



How to use

mkn init

mkn build

mkn run


GCC Debian

GCC Debian

MSVC Windows

MSVC Windows

Init example

MSVC Windows

Official plugins


Conan.io package binary retrieval be used when needed. This is already used by maiken for windows releases when adding optional github API features which require HTTPS

Example usage is within the mkn.ram library

Specifically the "https" profile in the mkn.yaml file


Pre link time hook to run clang-format on your code base to keep it crisp

Possible addons may include only files currently staged for commit

See local mkn.yaml for example


C++17 build tool for Windows/Linux/OSX/BSD - GCC/CLANG/ICC/MSVC/NVCC/HCC - x86/x64/ARM(64)

Maiken Info

⭐ Stars 53
🔗 Source Code github.com
🕒 Last Update 10 months ago
🕒 Created 6 years ago
🐞 Open Issues 8
➗ Star-Issue Ratio 7
😎 Author Dekken