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An easy-to-use tool that watches the email input of your application and checks if the email can have some typos and shows a good suggestion.
It's highly customizable, It has different locales for suggestions, modes and more!
Feel free to contribute or suggest improvements :)

How it works...

  • Selects the email input value.
  • Splits the email by name, domain, and TLD.
  • Sanitizes white spaces.
  • Compares using Slevenshtein Distance if the email could be invalid.
  • Reassemble the email with their corrected parts.

Basic usage

Add this tag before head ends --> <script type="text/javascript" src="/vendor/mailwatcher.min.js"></script>
Email checker only needs the id of the email input you want to check. Just remember to add a listener on this input to invoke the class when the element changes, like the example below:

var emailInput = document.getElementById('email');
emailInput.addEventListener('change', function() {
    var w = new MailWatcher('email');

Custom usage

1. Mode:

Email Checker has two modes:

  • Soft: (default mode) Prints a suggestion of a possible valid email.
  • Hard: Instead of a valid email suggestion, hard mode corrects the email directly.
    var w = new MailWatcher('email', {
      mode: 'hard' // -> default 'soft'

2. Locales:

This method is not available in hard mode.
There is a list of locales you can use. I'll show some examples:

    en-EN  : 'Did you mean <%= email %>?',
    es-ES  : 'Querías decir <%= email %>?',
    ca-ES  : 'Volies dir <%= email %>?',
    pt-PT  : 'Você quis dizer <%= email %>?',
    it-IT  : 'Intendevi <%= email %>?',
    fr-FR  : 'Vouliez-vous dire <%= email %>?'
    // ...

Then just put the locale value:

var w = new MailWatcher('email', {
    locale: 'haw-US' // -> default 'en-EN'

3. Custom copy:

This method is not available in hard mode.
You can put a custom copy if you don't like the default ones. This method will overwrite locales, so if you have enabled any, the locale won't work.

var w = new MailWatcher('email', {
    copy: 'Why not <%= email %>, huh?'

Don't forget to put <%= email %> in your sentence to print the valid email in the suggestion.

4. Distance:

This is to control the character distance between the 'invalid' email and the 'possible valid emails'.

var w = new MailWatcher('email', {
    distance: 5 // -> default 1

This method is closely associated with the accuracy. The higher the number of distance characters the more dificult will be to find a fiable match.

5. Accuracy:

The higher the accuracy, the more likely that matches the suggestion. Accuracy values can be: highest, high, medium, low, lowest. I recommend to put your accuracy between high and low.

var w = new MailWatcher('email', {
    accuracy: 'high' // -> default 'medium'


  • Check/validation for Top Level Domains.
  • Create customs blacklist and whitelist. Now must be updated.
  • Create all locales and add it as an optional external file.
  • Support second TLD --> domain[]
  • Sanitize email for invalid characters and possible injections. --> encode


:mailbox: A Levenshtein distance based library to check email typos and suggest a valid solution.

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