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MangopaySDK is a Java client library to work with Mangopay REST API.

Compatibility Note

Since v1.0.6 of this SDK, you must be using at least v2.01 of the API (more information about the changes required)

Be aware that since v2.0.0 of this SDK, v1.x is not be supported anymore. Every new features will only be added to v2.x versions only. v2.x version is a refactored version, which now fits with Java coding conventions. It contains some major breaking changes that needs some adaptations on your side.


SDK has been written in Java 7.

The SDK is published as a Maven artifact on Maven Central Repository ( and can be used with Gradle or Maven.

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'com.mangopay:mangopay2-java-sdk:2.20.0'


MangopaySDK is distributed under MIT license, see LICENSE file.

Unit Tests

JUnit tests are placed under tests directory.


Report bugs or suggest features using issue tracker at GitHub.

Account creation

You can get yourself a free sandbox account or sign up for a production account by registering on the Mangopay site (note that validation of your production account involves several steps, so think about doing it in advance of when you actually want to go live).


Using the credential info from the signup process above, you should then set api.Config.ClientId to your Mangopay Client ID and api.Config.ClientPassword to your APIKey.

api.Config.BaseUrl is set to sandbox environment by default. To enable production environment, set it to

    import com.mangopay.MangoPayApi;

    // ...

    MangoPayApi api = new MangoPayApi();

    // configuration
    api.Config.ClientId = "your-client-id";
    api.Config.ClientPassword = "your-client-password";
    //api.Config.BaseUrl = "";

    // call some API methods...
    List<User> users = api.Users.getAll();

Sample usage

    import com.mangopay.MangoPayApi;
    import com.mangopay.entities.User;
    import com.mangopay.entities.BankAccount;
    import com.mangopay.core.Pagination;
    import java.util.List;

    // ...

    MangoPayApi api = new MangoPayApi();

    // get some user by id
    User john = api.Users.get(someId);

    // change and update some of his data
    john.Tag += " - CHANGED";

    // get all users (with pagination and sorting)
    Pagination pagination = new Pagination(1, 8); // get 1st page, 8 items per page
    Sorting sort = new Sorting();
    sort.addField("SortingField", SortDirection.asc); // Sorting is an enum, its values: none, asc, desc
    List<User> users = api.Users.getAll(pagination, sort);

    // get his bank accounts
    pagination = new Pagination(2, 10); // get 2nd page, 10 items per page
    List<BankAccount> accounts = api.Users.getBankAccounts(john.Id, pagination, sort);

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