Mapbox Controls



npm install mapbox-gl-controls

Include styles from package: mapbox-gl-controls/lib/controls.css

Ruler Control [options]

import { RulerControl } from 'mapbox-gl-controls';

map.addControl(new RulerControl(), 'top-right');
map.on('ruler.on', () => console.log('ruler: on'));
map.on('', () => console.log('ruler: off'));

// with miles:
map.addControl(new RulerControl({
  units: 'miles',
  labelFormat: n => `${n.toFixed(2)} ml`,
}), 'top-right');

Styles Control [options]

Adds style switcher similar to Google Maps.

import { StylesControl } from 'mapbox-gl-controls';

// with default styles:
map.addControl(new StylesControl(), 'top-left');

// with custom styles:
map.addControl(new StylesControl({
  styles: [
      label: 'Streets',
      styleName: 'Mapbox Streets',
      styleUrl: 'mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v9',
    }, {
      label: 'Satellite',
      styleName: 'Satellite',
      styleUrl: 'mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-v9',
  onChange: (style) => console.log(style),
}), 'top-left');

Compass Control [options]

import { CompassControl } from 'mapbox-gl-controls';

map.addControl(new CompassControl(), 'top-right');

Zoom Control

import { ZoomControl } from 'mapbox-gl-controls';

map.addControl(new ZoomControl(), 'top-right');

Language Control [options]

Localize map. Language can be set dynamically with .setLanguage(lang) method.

import { LanguageControl } from 'mapbox-gl-controls';

// with browser detect:
map.addControl(new LanguageControl());

// with custom language:
const languageControl = new LanguageControl({
  language: 'ru',

// change language to multi language after control has been added:

Inspect Control

Inspect control to debug style layers and source

Inspect Control

import { InspectControl } from 'mapbox-gl-controls';

map.addControl(new InspectControl(), 'bottom-right');

Tooltip Control [options]

Shows tooltip on hover on some layer or whole map.

Tooltip Control

import { TooltipControl } from 'mapbox-gl-controls';

  id: '$fill',
  type: 'fill',
  source: { type: 'geojson', data: polygon },
  paint: { 'fill-opacity': 0.3, 'fill-color': '#4264fb' },

map.addControl(new TooltipControl({ layer: '$fill' }));

Mapbox Gl Controls

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