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The OpenHistoricalDataMap MapnikTileServer is an OpenStreetMap time sensitive fullstack tile server. This means you can go back in time on a OpenStreetMap Map and see how your city changed since you was a child or you can go much more back in time, it's your choice :)

The project is build with Django Cookiecutter and it comes with docker support, it is design to work out of the box with Docker.

The current version of this project based on a fork of openstreetmap-carto.


  • documentation: https://github.com/OpenHistoricalDataMap/MapnikTileServer/wiki
  • work out of the box, no special configuration is need
  • work Linux, MacOS, BSD & also should work Windows Pro, just need Docker & Docker-Compose to work
  • OSM based tile server with time sensitive tiles
  • a development & production configuration
  • task-queue for rendering tile with celery
  • caching tiles in redis
  • SSL with Let's Encrypt included
  • generate development database from osm / ohdm
  • include sentry.io in production for error tracking


Tile Server


Frontend example repo: https://github.com/OpenHistoricalDataMap/ohdm-angular-frontend

MapnikTileServer OHDM Frontend

minimum server requirements for developing

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 100 GB of free disk space (better using a SSD drive instead of HDD)

If you can, use beefy hardware!



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