Python application

Markdown articles tool 0.0.7

Free command line utility, written in Python, designed to help you manage online and downloaded Markdown documents (e.g., articles). The Markdown Articles Tool is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Tool can be used:

  • To download markdown text with images with images and:
    • Find all links to images, download images and fix links in the document.
    • Deduplicate similar images by content hash.
  • Support images, linked with HTML <img> tag.
  • Convert Markdown documents to:
    • HTML.
    • PDF.
    • Or save in the plain Markdown.

Also, if you want to use separate functions, you can just import the package.


You need Python 3.7+.

git clone ""
pip3 install -r markdown_articles_tool/requirements.txt



usage: [-h] [-D] [-d IMAGES_DIRNAME] [-a] [-s SKIP_LIST]
                        [-i {md,html,md+html,html+md}] [-o {md,html,pdf}]
                        [-p IMAGES_PUBLIC_PATH] [-R] [-t DOWNLOADING_TIMEOUT]
                        [-O OUTPUT_PATH] [--version]

Simple script to download images and replace image links in markdown

positional arguments:
                        path to the article file in the Markdown format

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -D, --dedup-with-hash
                        Deduplicate images, using content hash
  -d IMAGES_DIRNAME, --images-dirname IMAGES_DIRNAME
                        Folder in which to download images (possible
                        variables: $article_name, $time, $date, $dt,
  -a, --skip-all-incorrect
                        skip all incorrect images
  -s SKIP_LIST, --skip-list SKIP_LIST
                        skip URL's from the comma-separated list (or file with
                        a leading '@')
  -i {md,html,md+html,html+md}, --input-format {md,html,md+html,html+md}
                        input format
  -o {md,html,pdf}, --output-format {md,html,pdf}
                        output format
  -p IMAGES_PUBLIC_PATH, --images-public-path IMAGES_PUBLIC_PATH
                        Public path to the folder of downloaded images
                        (possible variables: $article_name, $time, $date, $dt,
  -R, --remove-source   Remove or replace source file
                        how many seconds to wait before downloading will be
  -O OUTPUT_PATH, --output-path OUTPUT_PATH
                        article output file name
  --version             return version number

Example 1:

./ nc-1-zfs/

Example 2:

./ not-nas/sov/ -o html -s "" -a

Example 3 (run on a folder):

find content/ -name "*.md" | xargs -n1 ./


Parse markdown article, download images and replace images URL's with local paths

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