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This plugin is the AlertManager bot for Mattermost.

Forked and inspired on the alertmanager for Telegram. Thanks so much @metalmatze

Some features:

  • Receive the Alerts via webhook
  • Can list existing alerts
  • Can list existing silences
  • Can expire a silence


  • Create silences
  • Create alerts
  • List expired silences

Supported Mattermost Server Versions: 5.6+


  1. Go to the releases page of this GitHub repository and download the latest release for your Mattermost server.
  2. Upload this file in the Mattermost System Console > Plugins > Management page to install the plugin, and enable it. To learn more about how to upload a plugin, see the documentation.

Next, to configure the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. After you've uploaded the plugin in System Console > Plugins > Management, go to the plugin's settings page at System Console > Plugins > Statuspage.
  2. Specify the team and channel to send messages to. For each, use the URL of the team or channel instead of their respective display names.
  3. Select the username that this plugin is attached to. You may optionally create a new user account for your Statuspage plugin, which can act as a bot account posting Statuspage updates to a Mattermost channel.
  4. Specify the AlertManager Server URL
  5. Generate the Token that will be use to validate the requests
  6. Hit Save.
  7. Next, copy the Token above the Save button, which is used to configure the plugin for your Statuspage account.
  8. Go to your Alermanager configuration, paste the following webhook URL and specfiy the name of the service and the token you copied in step 9.

Plugin in Action




Mattermost Plugin Alertmanager

AlertManager Bot for Mattermost

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