Medieval Factions


Medieval Factions is a system of mechanics that allows for the simulation of sovereign nations in Minecraft. Players can create nations, claim territory, engage in warfare or politics, write laws or hold dueling tournaments, and generally are able to attempt to recreate society somewhat.

A list of features can be found here.

Server Software

This plugin was developed using the Spigot API. Users may run into trouble using it with other available server softwares like Paper.


  1. You can download the plugin from this page.

  2. Once downloaded, place the jar in the plugins folder of your server files.

  3. Restart your server.

Dynmap Integration

Dynmap has been integrated with this plugin. In order to be able to view claimed land on a dynamic map, download and install the plugin here.


  1. Fiefs
  2. Currencies



You can find the support discord server here.

Experiencing a bug?

Please fill out a bug report here.



Looking to create an add-on plugin?

I recommend using FactionsBridge by Retrix_Solutions. It would make your add-on plugin usable across a number of factions implementations.

Alternatively, you can use the External API, the documentation for which can be found here.

Authors and acknowledgement


Name Main Contributions
Daniel Stephenson Creator
Pasarus Overhauled the Storage Manager to use UUIDs and JSON and made other improvements to the plugin
Caibinus Implemented Duels, Gates and Dynmap Integration
Callum Created event classes, overhauled the Command System, implemented PlaceholderAPI integration and made many other improvements to the plugin
Richardhyy Fixed some encoding issues
Mitras2 Implemented ActionBar territory alerts
Kaonami Fixed a typo in the README
GoodLucky777 Fixed a bug and a few typos in the code
Elafir Made it possible to control gates with redstone


Name Language(s)
Khanter Spanish
Neh Spanish
Johnny Spanish
lilhamoood Spanish
1barab1 Russian
2kManfridi Russian
Kaonami Portuguese Brazilian
graffity_X German
JustGllenn Dutch
TDL Dutch

I created this plugin because I wanted to use the original Factions plugin for an upcoming server of mine, but it wasn't updated for the version of minecraft I was going to be using. I decided to take inspiration from the concept of factions - groups of players that can claim land - and create my own factions plugin.

The first release version, v1.7, was released on SpigotMC in June 2020 and looked much different than the plugin does today.

I am extremely grateful to those that have donated their time improving the project, one way or another. The plugin wouldn't be where it is today without the contributions of others.



Project Status

This project is in active development.


You can view the bStats page for the plugin here.

Medieval Factions

This Minecraft plugin allows players to organize themselves into feudal, diplomatic, lawful groups akin to nations.

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