Adds citations count to documents in your Mendeley library.



Install python and pip and afterwards run:

git clone
cd mendeley-add-citations
pip install -r requirements.txt


You have to register the application at Mendeley before usage.

  1. create account at
  2. register the application at
    1. to redirect URL fill http://localhost:5000/oauth
    2. generate secret
    3. submit
    4. write to config.yml the client id and the secret.

To start the script run:

$ python

On the first run you will be asked to go to an url where you have to grant access to your Mendeley library.

You can set a few options at the beginning of

The whole process takes from tens of minutes to hours. There are pauses between requests to Google Scholar between 5 and 20 seconds to avoid being blocked by Google.

Known Problems

In case of WSGI application exception KeyError: 'state' clear cookies originating from



Mendeley Add Citations

Adds citations count to documents in your Mendeley library.

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