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MIDI2LR is an application that interfaces MIDI controllers with Lightroom Classic. Version 4 requires Lightroom 10 Classic, version 5 Lightroom 11 Classic: use version 3 for earlier versions of Lightroom.

It processes MIDI input into develop parameter updates and photo actions, and sends MIDI output when parameters are changed for motorized feedback (on controllers that have motorized faders). A listing of available Lightroom commands is in the Wiki. Assistance on the code and design is welcome.

MIDI2LR supports all languages Lightroom supports: Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, português, русский, Svenska, ภาษาไทย and 中文 (简体中文和繁體中文).

Translation assistance welcome. Sign up at https://poeditor.com/join/project?hash=v6U0MvufAn.

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Screenshot Further information
Discussion Forum: https://github.com/rsjaffe/MIDI2LR/discussions
Supported platforms: MacOS or Windows.
Building: See the BUILD.txt file.
Project Page: Project Page.
Wiki and Instruction Manual: Wiki 📖.


An application and plugin to remotely control Lightroom with a MIDI controller

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