"modern" OS deployment (mOSD)

"Modern" also means simplified, that's why I will give you an example on how to setup Windows 10 with just the original source (ISO) and a few scripts… Like in the "old" days, where unattended setup was the standard way to setup an OS.

Quick Start

If you want to see mOSD (modern OSD) in action, just do:

  • download the original Windows 10 ISO (MSDN or VL Portal)
  • extract the ISO to your disk (or mount the ISO and copy the content to a writable Directory)
  • download mOSD.exe from https://github.com/rzander/mOSD/releases/latest and copy it into the extracted ISO folder.
  • run mOSD.exe to extract the content from the file.
  • rename autounattend_[your language].xml to autounattend.xml.
  • update Autopilot Profile Create Autopilot Profile According to https://www.petervanderwoude.nl/post/offline-windows-autopilot-deployment-profile/ and Update in "sources$OEM$$$\provisioning\Autopilot"
  • [OPTIONAL] Run rzTools\Split-WIM.cmd to split install.wim into two files with less than 4GB (Support FAT32 USB)
  • start rzTools\CreateISO.cmd as admin to create a new c:\W10.iso
  • use rzTools\rufus.exe to create a bootable USB stick from the c:\W10.iso
  • boot W10.ISO or the created USB Stick...

Note: The system will automatically poweroff at the end of the setup before OOBE is starting.

Why do we need that?

Because it's:

  • super fast (Win10, Office356, 7-Zip, AdobeReader, Chrome, VSCode … in less than 15min on a VM)
  • independent
    • loads all files from a local media (USB) and/or internet
    • does not require any Servers -> great for Desaster-Recovery scenarios
    • independent of the OS Build, and Language
  • Out of the box
    • useful to reproduce Issues from Corp. Images (without any GPO's etc.)
    • performance benchmarks (compare an OutOfBox W10 vs your corporate W10)
  • Easy to create
  • fully unattended
    • An end user will be able to rebuild a client.

read more on: https://rzander.azurewebsites.net/modern-os-deployment-mosd/


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