Movie Swiper

Unofficial client for TMDb created with React Native

🚀 Version 2.0

  • React native 0.60+
  • All business logic in redux
  • Typescript support
  • Eslint integration
  • Performance optimization

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Getting Started

  1. Set up React Native. Choose tab Building Projects with Native Code
  2. cd into this project directory
  3. pod install in ios directory
  4. npm install or yarn install
  5. Run react-native run-android or react-native run-ios


App uses TMDb api to fetch movies. API doesn't support recommendation for account therefore Explore tab shows the list of currently popular movies on TMDb and locally stores seen movies. Explore tab has offline queue ensuring that movies which are swiped without an internet connection will be processed when the connection is back online. Note that app does not support people information: actors, directors, etc.

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Movie Swiper

React Native client for TMDb ğŸŽ¬

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