Convert movies with subtitles to watch them with Anki. The movie will be splitted into separated scenes/phrases. I found it useful for improving my listening skills.

Inspired by subs2srs.

Anki Add-on


  • Second subtitle is optional
  • Movie mode:
    • Change end time of phrases to the next phrase's start time
    • Add empty phrase if the first subtitle starts after 15 seconds
  • Video Dimensions:
    • If one of the values is -2 then a value that maintains the aspect ratio of the input image, calculated from the other specified dimension, will be used. If both of them are -2 (or -1), the input size is used.

Anki Card Example (Front & Back)

This card template I use on my phone. To use it on desktop it may be helpful to install addon "Replay buttons on card" or better use updated version. Because in the original add-on after clicking on the audio button media file will be added in queue and may not be played immediately.


  1. Install Anki (

  2. Download movies2anki and install dependencies (for Linux and MacOS)

  3. Import movies2anki card template into Anki

    Open Anki, go to the menu File, select Import, open movies2anki-sample.apkg

  4. Use movies2anki to generate cards

  5. Import cards into Anki

    • Open Anki
    • Menu File, Import, open generated "deck_name.tsv" file
    • In the Import Dialog select:
      • Type - "movies2anki"
      • Deck
      • "Fields separated by: Tab"
      • Import even if existing note has same first field
      • Allow HTML in fields
    • Click "Import"
  6. Copy all files from "" folder into folder.


Batch Processing

  1. Video name contains * or ? symbols.

    * = Match zero or more characters
    ? = Match exactly zero or one character

  2. Deck's name contains a pattern {##/start_number}, for example "Avatar. The Last Airbender s01e{##/1}".


For Linux & MacOS users: Python 2.7, FFmpeg, Qt and PyQt4 installed is required to run movies2anki.

Instructions for Ubuntu 14.04

  • Installing Python 2.7

    Nothing to do. Python 2.7 is already installed.

  • Installing FFmpeg

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/trusty-media
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
  • Installing Qt & PyQt4

    Nothing to do. Qt & PyQt4 is already installed.

  • Open Terminal and run this command inside the movies2anki folder


Instructions for MacOS

  1. Install Homebrew

  2. Install FFmpeg

    brew install ffmpeg
  3. Install Qt & PyQt4

    brew install pyqt
  4. Install Python 2.7

    brew install python
  5. Run movies2anki



Close movies2anki and look at "log.txt" in the movies2anki folder. (Note: "log.txt" contains information only from previous movies2anki run)

Sync between mobile devices and your computer

  1. Use AnkiWeb to sync decks (text information)
  2. Don't use AnkiWeb to sync media
    • Disable option "Fetch media on sync" both on mobile and computer version of Anki
    • Manually sync media via USB or SSH (I use WinSCP for Windows 7 and SSHDroid for Android)

Additional Options

File config.ini contains:

  • is_write_output_subtitles - write subtitles with phrases that have been used to split video into clips next to the input video file. (default - False)
  • is_ignore_sdh_subtitle - ignore SDH subtitles. All lines that has been ignored will be in 'log.txt'. (default - True)
  • is_add_dir_to_media_path - add "" to media path in Audio and Video fields. (default - False)
    • If this option is True then you will need to copy "" folder itself into
    • But "Check Media..." option in Anki won't working with this cards
  • is_write_output_subtitles_for_clips - write English subtitles next to the generated clips. (default - False)
  • is_create_clips_with_softsub - embed English subtitles (softsubs) into the generated clips. (default - False)
    • On Windows you need to copy "Arial" font from "C:\Windows\Fonts" in "C:\Program Files\Anki\mplayer". Delete all "*.ttf" files except "arial.ttf" (if there is more than one). Rename "arial.ttf" in "subfont.ttf".
    • If subtitles looks blurry edit mplayer 'config' file inside that folder and replace line "vo=direct3d" with "vo=gl". (Note: you need to open notepad.exe with admin rigths (see usage video) or copy "config" file into your desktop, edit it and copy it back)
  • is_create_clips_with_hardsub - burn English subtitles (hardsubs) into the generated clips. (default - False)
  • hardsub_style - override default style of the hardsubs subtitles. It accepts a string containing ASS style format KEY=VALUE couples separated by ",". For more information see Section 5 in the "ass-specs" file. (default - FontName=Arial,FontSize=24,OutlineColour=&H5A000000,BorderStyle=3).
  • is_separate_fragments_without_subtitles - split apart fragments between phrases in Movie mode instead of changing ending time of phrases. (default - False)

If there is no "config.ini" file then just open and close movies2anki. File "config.ini" will appear with default settings.


  • Audio on the back side will be played automatically with 250 ms delay (reddit post). It is useful on AnkiDroid. If you don't need it you need to edit Back Template and delete [sound:_silence-0.25s.mp3] and <script> tag completely.
    Silence audio was generated with ffmpeg command: ffmpeg -f lavfi -i anullsrc -c:a mp3 -t 0.25 _silence-0.25s.mp3.

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Convert movies with subtitles to watch them with Anki. Inspired by subs2srs

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