Multi Cloud Control of AWS, Azure, GCP & AliCloud Instances

Unified Instance control across Enterprise Cloud Providers

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Multi-Cloud-Control provides a single solution for controlling cloud VMs/Instances across AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba Cloud. It displays a combined list of VM-instances across providers, and allows starting, stopping and making connections. It's extremely useful for shell users who work in multi-cloud environments.

This utility can be executed with two different commands:

  • mccl - runs in "List Mode", which displays a unified list of instances and their state across providers
  • mcc - runs in "Command Mode", which displays a unified instance list and allows for command execution


  • mccl Displays a unified list of VM/instances and their parameters across providers

    • useful when quick access to information is needed; it displays a list of instances and their state and exits

List Mode screenshot

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  • mcc Displays a unified list of VM-Instances across providers and enables command execution

    • Designed for use when control of VM/instance is needed
    • After listing instances and command options, the authenticated connection to the provider is maintained, and it awaits user command selection
    • Supports commands for starting, stopping and connecting (via ssh)
    • Future commands may include: creating/deleting instances, changing configuration (hardware, disks, network), managing imaging/snapshots, managing disk/storage, add/remove to groups/clusters

Command Mode screenshot

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Supported Python versions & Platforms

Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7


  • Linux
  • macOS (OS X)
  • Windows 10 - Linux Shells


This utility can be installed with pip, brew or downloading the repo and running python install

Installing with Brew

On macOS, this utility can be installed with brew <>_. This simplifies the installation process and automatically installs the necessary Python libraries in a seperate virtual environment.

It can be installed via brew with the command:

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brew install robpco/tap/mcc

Installing with Pip

This utility can be installed with pip:

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pip install --user mcc

Pip Installation Pre-Reqs

When installing with pip, the libraries used for secure authentication may require compilation during the installation process on some systems. In order to successfully compile these dependencies, the following packages must be installed before installation:

Installing Pre-Reqs on Debian / Ubuntu Based Systems:

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sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev libssl-dev libffi-dev -y

Installing Pre-Reqs on RedHat / CentOS Based Systems:

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sudo yum install gcc python-devel openssl-devel libffi-devel -y


The first time the utility is executed it performs the following tasks:

  • Creates a config directory for mcc located at $HOME/.cloud
  • Copies a sample configuration file, config.ini, to the new dir
  • Displays a message instructing the user to edit config.ini

The Wiki Configuration Page <>_ describes how to configure cloud provider accounts and add credentials to the config.ini file.

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Multi Cloud Control

Multi cloud control of VM Instances across AWS, Azure, GCP and AliCloud - unified instance management

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