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A lightweight music downloader written by pure python.
You can star this repository to keep track of the project if it's helpful for you, thank you for your support.


This repository is created just for learning python(Commercial prohibition).
All the apis used in this repository are from public network. So, if you want to download the paid songs, 
please open a paid member on corresponding music platform by yourself (respect the music copyright please).
Finally, if there are any infringements, please contact me to delete this repository.

Support List

Source Support Search? Support Download? in Chinese
QQMusic βœ“ βœ“ QQ音乐
Lizhi βœ“ βœ“ θ”ζžFM
Yiting βœ“ βœ“ δΈ€ε¬ιŸ³δΉ
Kuwo βœ“ βœ“ ι…·ζˆ‘ιŸ³δΉ
Kugou βœ“ βœ“ ι…·η‹—ιŸ³δΉ
Xiami βœ“ βœ“ θ™Ύη±³ιŸ³δΉ
Qianqian βœ“ βœ“ εƒεƒιŸ³δΉ
Migu βœ“ βœ“ ε’ͺε’•ιŸ³δΉ
JOOX βœ“ βœ“ JOOX音乐
Fivesing βœ“ βœ“ 5SING音乐
Netease βœ“ βœ“ η½‘ζ˜“δΊ‘ιŸ³δΉ

Practice with Musicdl

Project Introduction Code in Chinese
musicdlgui click click ιŸ³δΉδΈ‹θ½½ε™¨GUIη•Œι’
singerlyricsanalysis click click ζ­Œζ‰‹ζ­Œθ―εˆ†ζž


Pip install

run "pip install musicdl"

Source code install

(1) Offline
Step1: git clone
Step2: cd musicdl -> run "python install"
(2) Online
run "pip install git+[email protected]"

Quick Start

from musicdl import musicdl

config = {'logfilepath': 'musicdl.log', 'savedir': 'downloaded', 'search_size_per_source': 5, 'proxies': {}}
target_srcs = [
    'kugou', 'kuwo', 'qqmusic', 'qianqian', 'fivesing',
    'netease', 'migu', 'xiami', 'joox', 'yiting',
client = musicdl.musicdl(config=config)



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  • Musicdl: A lightweight music downloader written by pure python.
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Musicdl: A lightweight music downloader written by pure python.

Musicdl Info

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