NativeBase KitchenSink v2.12.0

An example app with all the UI components of NativeBase

NativeBase-KitchenSink comes in four forms of app for you!

  1. Pure React Native App with react-navigation on branch master
  2. Pure React Native App with RNRF on branch RNRF
  3. An Expo app with CRNA and react-navigation on branch CRNA
  4. A React App with NativeBase for web on branch web-support

Find the installation guide in ReadMe of appropriate branches


iOS Android
ios-demo android-demo


  • Clone and install packages

    git clone [email protected]:GeekyAnts/NativeBase-KitchenSink.git
    cd NativeBase-KitchenSink
    react-native link react-native-vector-icons
  • Run on iOS

    • Opt #1:
      • Open the project in Xcode from ios/NativeBase-KitchenSink.xcodeproj
      • Click run button to simulate
    • Opt #2:
      • Run react-native run-ios in your terminal
  • Run on Android
    • Make sure you have an Android emulator installed and running
    • Run react-native run-android in your terminal


Another major project by us is BuilderX, a screen design tool which codes React Native for you.

Nativebase Kitchensink

An example app with all the UI components of NativeBase

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