Important notice

NestedReact is the BackboneJS compatibility layer for React-MVx - modern React MVVM application framework. It will be maintained as long as Verizon/Volicon systems will depend in the legacy technologies - BackboneJS Views and jQuery.

If you don't need to reuse BackboneJS Views in your React application - please, switch to ReactMVx.

NestedReact documentation won't be updated. Use React-MVx docs as your primary source of docs.


Feature list consists of all the features of React-MVx v2.x, plus this:

  • Gradual transition procedure for backbone applications (Backbone Migration Guide):
    • Complete interoperation with existing Backbone Views allowing you to reuse existing code and avoid upfront application rewrite.
    • Any type of application refactoring strategy is possible - top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, and random parts at the middle.
    • Support for Backbone events and jQuery accessors in React components simplifies View refactoring.


Please, use React-MVx documentation as a primary source of documentation and examples.

Installation and Requirements

It's packed as single UMD, thus grab the module or use npm to install. It has NestedTypes model framework, react, react-dom, prop-types, jquery, and underscore as strong dependencies.

npm install --save-dev nestedreact nestedtypes underscore jquery react react-dom prop-types

Module extends React namespace (without modifying original React), and its safe to use it as a replacement for react.

import React from 'nestedreact'

If you're migrating from backbone-based frameworks such as ChaplinJS or Marionette, you need to do following things to make convergence layer work properly:

  • Make sure that frameworks includes nestedtypes instead of backbone.

  • On application start, tell nestedreact to use proper base class for the View.

    React.useView( Chaplin.View );


BackboneJS compatibility layer for React-MVx MVVM framework.

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