NestJS Enlighten

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A laravel-ignition like error page for Nestjs Framework


Nest Enlighten is a module for Nest Framework. With this module, you can render friendly error pages for spesific or global endpoints that includes a lot of detailed values behind the hood. Not only that, you can share your all or spesific stack tabs to your team online. By that, you or your team can monitor your error situation much better and easier.


Default(Light) Theme

Dark Theme


Install this package by running one of these following commands below

Via npm:
npm install nestjs-enlighten --save
Via yarn:
yarn add nestjs-enlighten


Constructor Options

Option Name Required Type Default
disableEnlighten false boolean false
theme false 'theme-light' - 'theme-dark' 'theme-light'

As Global Filter

import { NestEnlighten } from 'nestjs-enlighten';

async function bootstrap() {
  const app = await NestFactory.create(ApplicationModule);
  // Enables dark theme aswell
  app.useGlobalFilters(new NestEnlighten({ theme: 'theme-dark' }));
  await app.listen(3000);

Enable/Disable for spesific endpoints

import { NestEnlighten } from 'nestjs-enlighten';

// Lets say you want to disable this module for this endpoint
@UseFilters(new NestEnlighten({ disableEnlighten: true }))
export class AccountController {

  throwError() {
    throw new BadRequestException('Example message of 400 exception');


  • Tests
  • Github Actions
  • Online Stack share feature
  • Add solution suggestions on unexpected errors in /src/Services/Errors/State/index.ts

NestJS Enlighten

laravel-ignition like error page for NestJS Framework

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