Simple file save with FileSaver.js

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npm install file-saver ngx-filesaver --save

Add the FileSaverModule module to your project:

import { FileSaverModule } from 'ngx-filesaver';
  imports: [ FileSaverModule ]


There are two ways to save a file: using or using the fileSaver directive.


constructor(private _http: Http, private _FileSaverService: FileSaverService) {

onSave() {
  this._http.get('demo.pdf', {
    responseType: ResponseContentType.Blob // This must be a Blob type
  }).subscribe(res => {<any>res)._body, fileName);

2、fileSaver directive

Configuration example

<button type="button"
        [header]="{ token: 'demo' }"
        [query]="{ pi: 1, name: 'demo' }"
        (error)="onErr($event)">Download PDF</button>

fileSaver: the directive name Parameters

Parameter Description Type Default
method Request method type string GET
url Request URL string -
fileName Filename when downloading string -
query Additional query parameters. Equivalent to params value string -
header Header configuration. Usually used for especifying access tokens any -
fsOptions FileSaver.js config, can be set autoBom value FileSaverOptions -
success Download success callback EventEmitter<HttpResponse<Blob>> -
error Download error callback EventEmitter<any> -

Custom HTTP type

<button type="button"
        [http]="onRemote('pdf', true)">Download PDF</button>
onRemote(type: string, fromRemote: boolean): Observable<Response> {
  return this._http.get(`assets/files/demo.${type}`, {
    responseType: ResponseContentType.Blob
  }).map(response => {
    response.headers.set('filename', `demo.${type}`)
    return response;

About filenames

The name for the downloaded file is obtained with the following priority:

  1. fileName
  2. response.headers.get('filename')
  3. response.headers.get('x-filename')。

If you are requesting a CORS address, you need to pay attention to the request headers. Setting Access-Control-Allow-Headers: filename should be sufficient

Class Name

Class Name Description
filesaver__not-support Not Supported Browsers
filesaver__disabled During http request

Configuring CommonJS dependencies

WARNING in node_modules/ngx-filesaver/ivy_ngcc/fesm2015/ngx-filesaver.js depends on file-saver. CommonJS or AMD dependencies can cause optimization bailouts.

We cannot change this, the only way is to ignore it:

"build": {
  "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser",
  "options": {
     "allowedCommonJsDependencies": [

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Simple file save with FileSaver.js

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