This is a toy chatroom node.js app.

setup with docker

Install docker on your machine.

# run redis server
sudo docker run -d --name redis redis
# run node-chat app
sudo docker run -d --name node-chat --link redis:redis -p 80:3000 czheo/node-chat

setup with docker-compose

Install docker

Install docker-compose on your machine.

The fastest way is to use pip

sudo pip install docker-compose
# download docker-compose.yml to your local dir
# start containers
docker-compose up -d

setup manually

Start redis on localhost with default port(6379)

# add hosts
sudo echo "localhost redis" >> /etc/hosts

Install node.js, npm, ruby, compass

# clone source code
git clone

# install dependancy and compile source code
cd node-chat
npm install && node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js compile 

# start node-chat app
node_modules/forever/bin/forever start app.js

Then you can visit http://yourhostname:3000

Check Dockerfile as a reference.

Node Chat

A demo of using + backbone.js to create a simple chatroom service.

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