Laravel Nova Help Field

A custom Nova fields which allows to show custom help messages within form, detail and index screens.

Base example


See changelog here.


Run this command in your nova project:

composer require comodolab/nova-help

Then you can use the field in your resource as follow:

use Comodolab\Nova\Fields\Help\Help;

public function fields(Request $request)
    return [
        Help::make('Help title', 'Help message!'),

Base example


Nova Help Field has many options as follow:

Default templates

Help::make('title', 'message'); // Default help message
Help::success('title', 'message');
Help::info('title', 'message');
Help::warning('title', 'message');
Help::danger('title', 'message');

// There's also a special template for headings
Help::header('title', 'subtitle');

// If you prefer you can call the non static type method
Help::make('title', 'message')->type('warning'); 

Help templates:

Base example

Headings template:

Base example

Both title and message are optional

Help::make('Only title');
Help::make()->message('Only message');

Messages can also be callable

Help::make()->message(function () {
    return "{$this->name} is awesome!";


You can pick one of the default SVG icons ( provided by Steve Schoger.

Help::make('Title')->icon('help'); // the default one
// Load a custom one
Help::make('Love you')
    ->message('Yes, I love you!')
    ->icon('<svg viewBox="0 0 20 20" xmlns=""><path d="m10 3.22-.61-.6a5.5 5.5 0 0 0 -7.78 7.77l8.39 8.39 8.39-8.4a5.5 5.5 0 0 0 -7.78-7.77z"/></svg>');
// or show no icon at all

Base example

Render html messages

Help::make('Title', 'Message with <a href="#">link</a>')->displayAsHtml();

From v0.2 the displayAsHtml() method applies also to the field name (unless shown as column header on index).

Full width on details screen

// Remove annoing padding in detail screen, also the default behaviour for the heading template 
Help::make('Negative margin')->showFullWidthOnDetail();

Base example

With side label

// Show a side label instead of the title on the top
Help::make('Look I\'m on the side')
    ->message('I\'m not...')

Base example

Show help messages on index

 * By default help messages aren't shown on index,
 * when enabled they are shown as an hoverable 
 * icon showing a plain (no html) tooltip.
Help::make('Column title')
    ->message('Message with <a href="#">link</a>') // The link code will be stripped out on index

// Field icons can be shown conditionally on index
Help::make()->message(function () {
    return $this->name?"{$this->name} is awesome!":null;

Base example

Nova Help

A custom help/title field for Laravel Nova

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